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Committed to our customers
At JohnsonDiversey we believe in the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. By investing the time to listen to our customers' many-varied needs, we are better able to provide an outstanding quality of service, and meet, or ideally exceed, their expectations.

JohnsonDiversey is committed to delivering service excellence and in 2001 joined the Institute of Customer Service as a founder member. In 2004 we became an Institute of Customer Service Approved Centre, in recognition of our commitment to training.

JohnsonDiversey makes this pledge to its customers:

• We will strive, on an ongoing basis, to develop innovative hygiene solutions for your business

• We will endeavour to make our business process as simple and hassle-free as we can. Our 
free phone customer services telephone number will be answered by professional customer service advisors who are both highly trained in all aspects of hygiene solutions and dedicated to delivering great service

• We will take time to listen
 to what you have to say about our products and services, and use your feedback to help us better meet your needs

• We will focus on providing an excellent quality of our service. If, however, we do not meet our promises, we will do everything within our power to immediately rectify the situation and minimise any detrimental impact on your business more>>






Recent News

Foot and Mouth Biosecurity

In response to the recent outbreak of the Foot & Mouth in the UK, JohnsonDiversey have published a set of guidelines and best practise procedures farmers should follow in order to minimise the spread of the infectious virus.

JohnsonDiversey has two disinfectants with DEFRA approvals for notifiable diseases under the Animal Health Act (1981), both have Foot and Mouth disease orders:

Iodel FD II
Zal Perax II


Guide to Flooding

JohnsonDiversey has produced a guide for those affected with flooded premises.


TASKI vento….more than just a pretty face!

The brand new TASKI vento tub vacuum cleaner was launched at the cleaning show in March 2007.  It is set to rival our biggest competitor Numatic and their popular tub vac the Henry.


The vento is available in 2 sizes; vento 8 with an 8lt capacity and the vento 15 with a 15lt capacity.


Click here for more information


New Addition to Groundbreaking Range

When the Taski ergodisc was originally launched at Interclean in 1998, it snapped up the ISSA Innovation Award. Last year, the 100,000th TASKI ergodisc was auctioned to charity via e-Bay. The model was designed jet black, not trademark orange, and its handle plated with gold. An equally handsome 7,000k euros were subsequently raised.



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JohnsonDiversey launches TASKI MicroEasy

Simple colour-coded microfibre, for all applications and markets, delivering the benefits of microfibre at a truly affordable price.


DIFY – A first of its kind

The launch of DIFY marks a revolution in dishwashing. DIFY is the first innovation of its kind specifically designed for small, multi-cycle dishwashers.  A simple yet effective system for dispensing corrosive chemicals into the dishwasher, DIFY offers a safer, simpler and more efficient answer to dishwasher cleaning. And what’s more, the flashing ‘J Watcher’ makes dishwashing a little bit more fun…!

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JohnsonDiversey launches ground breaking Bug Blasters system
On Tuesday 25th April 2006, JohnsonDiversey launched the highly innovative Bug Blasters children's hand washing system, at its Customer Centre in Northampton. Guest speakers present for the day-long, child-focused event included 'Aunty' Claire Rayner, former nurse, agony aunt, and President of the Patients Association.

Click here for more about the launch.

Introducing Bug Blasters, a breakthrough in kids' hand hygiene

As one of six partners in the NPSA’s Clean your Hands and One Partnership for Hand Hygiene Campaigns, JohnsonDiversey are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new hand hygiene system designed exclusively for children by children.



JohnsonDiversey's Food Group launches IPPC Support;  tools and services to help you measure, monitor and improve for IPPC compliance.  For further details, click on the logo above.

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